Hafury is an Internet mobile phone brand belonging to huafurui. Hafury mobile phone is pursuing faster changes to adapt to mobile Internet era, more accurate recognition of the Internet nature: be equal and open by decentring to achieve more cost-effective products for customers . The headquarter of Shenzhen HuaFuRui Technology Co., Ltd is located in Nanshan District in the dynamic capital of Shenzhen. The company is a top developer and manufacturer of smart phones and intelligent wear terminals

At present the company has invested 1 billion RMB and owns nearly 1,000 employees, the average age is 28 years, 80% of them have undergraduate diploma. It’s a young, passionate, well-skilled outstanding team. We dare to pursue the perfection, continuous innovation, and strive to achieve every possibility. It has established multi-faceted and stable collaborative relations to increase the company continued rapid growth.

Hafury insist on the principle supremacy of customers providing the consumers with such a business philosophy :lower cost but good quality . it has built systemic after - sales service centers in Europe, Africa and Asia , trying to solve the problems overseas.

Hafury is a young, fashionable brand, adhering to the scientific and technology innovation, excellent quality, service-oriented concept. for a great number of consumers to buy assured and use the products with comfort. In the near future, Hafury brand will become the industry leader!