Hafury umax finally come out with it 6.0inch size in April
2017-03-25 | ByHafury

A few days ago, we ‘ve discussed the brand hafury which focus on price performance ratio and we know Cubot, they are under the same parenting company. hafury has independent R&D, and has built after sales service centers in EU, USA and Africa.

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Hafury reveals the first three models for the beginning of 2017
2017-03-10 | ByHafury

As what we have introduced, Hafury is the new mobile phone brand in 2017, its first model Hafury Umax will be available in April this year.It is a 6-inch large screen phone, which also has elegant appearance and feeling. Except Umax, Hafury company will launch other two models in the first half of 2017: Hafury Mix and Hafury Safari.

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First promo video for the Hafury Umax is out
2017-02-27 | ByHafury

As the first model of Hafury, it will come up in late March instead of the original schedule which once was made in june. So, as every once knows hafury originated from Cubot ,known. today the company released the first promo video of it.

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The new phone brand in 2017: Hafury, the first model named Hafury Umax
2017-02-20 | ByHafury


Cubot smart phone achieved good results in 2016, it constantly had great movements in 2017. firstly, it launched a cost-effective dual-camera Cubot Rainbow 2, then the most exciting news is that, Cubot company will launch a new mobile phone Brand: Hafury.

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