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After Sales Policy Of Mobile Phones

Hafury promises that if your product has any problems within the warranty period, you could send it to our after sales service center for repair. For the phone's own default, we offer both free replacement and free labor. For the man made damaged, we offer free labor. According to the after sales discipline, when you send the phone back to us, the postage is needed to be paid at your side. And we will send the phone back to you for free postage after it is repaired.


1. If it doesn’t have problems because of anthropic factor , we supply one year maintenance for free, over 1 year you just need to
pay a little fee .
2. You can visit authorized maintenance shops or apply for after sales service and send it to Hafury corporation in China .

These conditions we don’t accept returns or exchange of the goods :

1. Any product which was not coming from our company or authorized dealers ( the serial number is not effect) .
2. Warranty period is overdue .
3. Unauthorized maintenance /misuse/ crash/ mistake/abuse/ water penetration/accident/ recast/ install incorrectly, tear off /alter the tear-proof tag ,serial number, anti fake label .
4. The out package /accessories/ gifted products/ instruction booklet ,the full set of the products are incomplete or deficit /modification of invoice .
5. Damage because of force majeure reasons .
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