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Hafury Meet

Your Ultimate Fashion Accessory

Ultimate Unboxing Experience

Packaging Aesthetics

Concentric Design, Lightweight Feel

Embossed Glass Back Design 6.67-Inch FHD+ AMOLED
Curved Screen









Ultra-Clear Photography, Seeing is Believing

117° Ultra-wide
16MP Rear Camera
5MP Macro
32MP Front
100MP PDAF Main Camera

Full-Power Performance, Enduring Durability

Exquisite Unboxing Experience:A Visual Symphony

Crafted Elegance

Unveil your device in style with our captivating packaging aesthetics. Designed in a captivating baby
blue hue, the box promises an unforgettable unboxing journey. Discover the exquisite detail of the
pearl adorning the accompanying phone case, a touch of elegance that speaks volumes.

Thoughtful Details

Inside, discover a curated selection of accessories thoughtfully included to complement your lifestyle.
From stylish phone cases to practical additions like a cardholder and multifunctional mirror, every
detail is designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Outfit Your Phone with Style

Hafury creates personalized and stylish outerwear for the Meet, making it easy to match with your
style. It's not just a phone, it's your perfect accessory.

Redefining Aesthetics with Symmetrical Harmony

Eternal Classic, Ever Fresh

Continually innovating in timeless design, this device exemplifies perfect axial symmetry, embodying
an unbroken legacy of elegance and sophistication.

Concentric Design, Breaking Boundaries:

Inspired by the allure of turquoise, its texture dances with light, conjuring depth and mystery.
Crafted using 32 intricate embossing processes on the glass back cover, it delivers
extraordinary beauty that captivates the senses.

Photography Perfected,
Moments Magnified

Picture-Perfect Precision

Unleash the power of the 100 MP PDAF Camera to capture every detail
with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Selfie Perfection

Radiate confidence in every shot with the 32MP Front Camera, ensuring
your selfies are always on point with vivid colors and sharp focus.

Wide-Angle Wonder

Expand your horizons with the 117° Ultra-wide 16MP Rear
Camera, allowing you to capture stunning vistas and group shots
with breathtaking depth.

Macro Magic

Unlock the hidden world of beauty with the 5MP Ultra-Macro
Camera, revealing intricate details and textures in close-up shots.

Dynamic Display, Delightful Interactions
Mesmerizing Visuals

Immerse yourself in every detail with the captivating 6.67-inch FHD+
AMOLED curved screen, delivering stunning visuals at 2.4K resolution.

Fluid Interaction

Enjoy seamless navigation and responsiveness with a 120Hz refresh
rate, ensuring smooth transitions and an enhanced user experience.

Secure Access

Unlock your device effortlessly with the Optical In-display Fingerprint
Sensor, combining convenience with advanced security features.

Superior Performance

G99 Octa-Core Power

Elevate every digital task with the dynamic G99
Octa-Core, ensuring peak performance from
gaming to multitasking, empowering you to
conquer every challenge.

Memory Marvel

Immerse yourself in the future with an impressive
12GB+ 12GB RAM and ultra-large 256GB ROM,
unlocking endless possibilities for your digital
adventures, and providing ample space for all
your memories.

Enduring Grace

With a 5100mAh long-lasting battery, the Hafury Meet keeps pace with
your dynamic life. Recharge swiftly with 33W fast charge, ensuring you
stay charged for whatever the day holds.


Empower your voice with
2-microphone noise reduction. Your
calls become a clear, confident
expression, ensuring your voice is
heard without distractions.

Explore More Features Await

Discover the possibilities with Hafury Meet's array of features, including
Face ID, Android 13, NFC, and enhanced connectivity options...